Kampala Büyükelçiliği 09.06.2020

The Embassy of Turkey in Kampala in coordination with the Embassy of Uganda in Ankara is planning a charter flight from Istanbul to Entebbe and from Entebbe to Istanbul scheduled for Friday,June19,2020. - Istanbul-Entebbe: The flight will be available for Ugandan Citizens; Turkish Citizens with valid Ugandan residence permits, as well as the other Turkish Citizens subject to approval for entry into Uganda by the Ugandan authorities.

- Entebbe-Istanbul: The flight will be available for all Turkish citizens and foreign nationals with valid Turkish residence permits. If there are available seats on the plane, third-country nationals will be able to travel, provided approval of entry/exit and transit permits are granted by both Turkish and Ugandan authorities.

- One-way ticket price of this trip is 1200 USD. If the number of passengers increases and the price decreases on this non-profit flight, it will be possible to make some refund on this fee. - Ticket fees must be paid in cash to the Turkish Embassy. (A signed and sealed document from the Embassy representative office will be issued in exchange for payment)

- Since the flight in question is a charter flight, the tickets that were bought and not used from any airline company will not be valid for this flight. Unfortunately, for passengers' safety, it will not be possible for those who show signs of COVID-19 on the day of the flight or have already been diagnosed with Covid-19 to board the plane. In addition, passengers shall not be allowed to board the plane with their hand luggage. The hand luggage will be processed and loaded on the plane during the check-in.

- Persons other than those registered on the flight list by paying the ticket in advance can only be accepted if there remain available seats.

- While queuing at the airport, social distance rules (1 meter) must be followed.

- All passengers are required to wear their face masks at all time during the flight. All passengers must comply with the Covid-19 measures (testing, quarantine, home quarantine, etc.) applicable on the date of arrival to either destination.

- Passengers who would like to travel with this flight must pay their flight fees at the Embassy not later than Saturday, 13.06.2020, by 17.00.

Important Note:

During the payment please come with your passport.

Regards, Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Kampala

Contact Information: On-Call Emergency Telephone Line: +256 759 183 705,


Fikret Kerem Alp Ambassador
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