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Kampala Büyükelçimiz Sayın Melih Ulueren'in 2012 yılı 29 Ekim Resepsiyonu konuşması, 30.10.2012

His Excellency Minister Oryem Henry Okello,

Dear Colleagues,


Welcome to Turkish Embassy and sharing our joy of celebrating the 89th Anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic.

I would like to express my appreciation for Minister Okello’s presence and addressing this evening. It has always been a privilige and pleasure co-operating with Your Excellency.

Our happiness is two-fold this year, as we have been celebrating the Eid for Sacrifice as well. Congratulations for the Eid. I wish these days will bring to our world peace, stability and happiness.

Vatandaşlarımın Kurban ve Cumhuriyet Bayramlarını en içten dileklerimle kutluyorum.

1) October 2012 is special in another way, as on 9th of this month Uganda has celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary. We congratulate Uganda for it’s remarkable political and economic achievements in a difficult period of time.

Uganda has been a major contributor in what has been achieved in Somalia. Which is finally having peace and viable economic activity. Turkey appreciates the contribution of Uganda to AMISOM. Turkey stands ready to make such a recovery in Somalia sustainable and brought further, through successful international co-operation. Turkish people did and will do, their most to support Somalian people.

Turkish Airlines now flies to Mogadishu.

2) Turkey, is pursuing a visionary policy as it’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said “peace at home, peace in the world”;

boasts rich historical and cultural texture has become an intercontinental and intercultural bridge, as well as a source of dynamism on regional and global scale in recent years.

It has become the 17th largest economy in the world with vibrant charasteristics.

Turkey, with it’s succesful construction companies, conducts second highest number of projects worldwide. “Kolin” a Turkish construction company has started to rehabilitate the Hoima- Kaiso-Tonya road.

I trust, the quality of the road when completed, will be a showcase for the quality of Turkish road construction.

Turkey produces high quality construction material as well. Turkish products are “good value for money”

Turkish and African businessmen who are traditionally trade-minded and culturally close to each other, discover each other’s diverse opportunities and benefit widely from them.

Africans are friendly people in Turkey and I know from my experience, that the Turks are embraced in Africa. Our peoples are easily able to connect with each other.

Our relations with East Africa will always be guided by the “win-win” apprach.

3) Africa has an important place in Turkish Foreign policy. ‘Opening up to Africa’ is based on the progress Turkey has been making in the globalized world and necessitated by her geopolitical position. As an active and responsible member of the international community, Turkey catalyses improvement in intercultural dialogue and interaction, thanks to her cultural and historic ties spreading over a wide geographical area.

Last year, after, I addressed this august gathering, Turkey hosted “First Ministerial Review Conference of Turkish African Partnership” In Istanbul, December 2011. We were honoured with the participation in the Conference by HE Asuman Kyingi, State Minister for regional affairs and His delegation.

Turkey has undertaken development assistance projects, implemented humanitarian aid campaigns and granted state scholarships to African students mostly at graduate and postgraduate levels. 30 Turkish high schools provide quality education in different parts of the African Continent.
Culturally, we possess common parameters with African peoples. The cultures and civilizations which have flourished on our territories have left us countless common words, religions, music, traditions and patterns of thinking.
Turkey and Uganda will always be reliable partners to each other with a long term sustainable approach to a successful co-operation.

We have successful co-operation in the Islamic Cooperation Organisation (OIC).

We are happy that, the Embassy of Uganda has been operating in Ankara, for the past, nearly one year.

June 2012, Turkey had the honour of hosting, HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of the Republic of Uganda, for the “Second Istanbul Review Conference on Somalia”

In concluding, I would like to express my best wishes,

For the health of HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President and for the well-being of the people of Uganda.

Thank you